Trailrunning with Beth

 Last week I met Beth Kolakowski in the Mount Sanitas parking area before dawn, and she took me to her favorite trailrunning spot, on a hill that overlooks north Boulder. It was the perfect spot to shoot some running in beautiful morning light. 

This buck was really intent on watching Beth run. “What is she running from?”

Beth, so excited to be running!

November Photo Walk

One of the things I like to do with my students is take them on a photowalk to help them to see how things they pass everyday can become art. It’s an exercise in how to see the world differently; art is all around us.

I did this with my current Accelerant at Madelife , Bryn. I love her excitement for photography and her desire to learn.

Happy Holidays!

I guess it’s a bit late for that, but what the hell. It’s been a great year and I had a great holidays. I spent the week surrounding New Years ice climbing and skiing around Ouray (your-A), Colorado. It was an awesome vacation with some great friends. But I’m always excited to return to Boulder (I take that as a good sign I’m supposed to be here).

I took a short hike with a friend yesterday just outside of Boulder, on the north side. For some reason I rarely go to that side of town, but it’s quite beautiful.

Skiing in June – Mt Toll

I skied in June. 
Some people make it a goal to ski 12 months out of the year, which in Colorado is definitely possible. I maybe I’ll try to do this next year. But this was my first time skiing in June, and it was awesome. 
My buddy Alex Vidal invited me out with another friend to go on a early morning mission to Brainard Lake to ski Mt Toll, one of the snowy peaks easily seen from downtown Boulder. 

We start the drive well before sunrise and get to the Brainard Welcome Center just as the sun is coming up. There are a few other cars in the parking lot, but we don’t really see anyone else on the trail. The road to Brainard lake was still closed for a few more days so we brought our bikes to ride the 4 miles up the road.

A moose! 

These guys were always waiting for me. 

 I found out I was not in biking shape. Both of the others were on single speed bikes, just cruising up the hills. I, on my stiff tail converted commuter 21 speed bike, found myself walking several of the hills. My legs were done before we had even started. We got to the trailhead and switched our shoes out for ski boots and started skinning uphill. I had thought after the bike ride there would be no possible way to keep up, but funny thing, skiing uphill uses different muscles than biking. I have those muscles!

Middle June, bluebird day. It was quite warm going up hill. 

First views of Mt. Toll. We skied the left face off the peak. 

Debating our approach route. 

We skied uphill as long as we could. It eventually got too steep, and we had to boot pack. 

Alex at the summit

The sun baked snow gave us some high quality turns. Soft enough for great control, but not too slushy.  Views over the Indian Peaks were fantastic. 

Crazy hole in the snow over the creek.

This was the theme of the walk/ski back to the trailhead. 

I was absolutely exhausted (and quite a bit sick) when we got back to the trailhead. I was more than happy that I got to put my shoes back on and ride a bike downhill for four miles.

It’s now October. Arapaho Basin has already opened for the season. I’m really hoping this is the epic season some forecasters are predicting. I’m hoping to beat last year’s record of 21 days on the slopes. Need to start soon! 

Yoga Shoot with Jessie Michaud

I’m not sure how I missed posting this. I did a yoga shoot with my friend Jessie Michaud back in May. I picked Red Rocks, which sits just above boulder, and the morning light was beautiful. Using just a reflector for fill light, the shoot went great.

I love Red Rocks in Boulder, and it took me over a year of being here before I knew about it. It’s a nice little hike that takes you to some interesting sand stone fins and overlooks downtown Boulder.

Thanks to Jessie for being such a great model, and being willing to come out super early before she had to go to work.

Jessie’s core strength is amazing. I can’t do this move. 

Running with Rhiannon

At the beginning of November I did a quick running shoot at the Flatiron Vista trail with Rhiannon McClatchey. We met a little bit too late and only got a few shots in before the sun dropped below the Flatirons. Lesson: projected Sunset Times do not take mountains into consideration. But it was a beautiful fall day and I was just happy to be out. I love all the trails in front of the Flatirons. So beautiful.