Architecture in Mexico

Towards the end of my trip to Mexico, last December and January, I finally took out my camera. My girlfriend and I spent our last week in the beach town of Puerta Vallarta. Where I usually try to capture the people in the places I travel, I was feeling shy for some reason. I didn’t feel like making people uncomfortable with my camera. So, instead, I focused on buildings.

In the last few hours in Puerta Vallarta, we rented a scooter and I captured Genevive taking in the last views of the ocean for a while.

Charlotte Haertling in a Charles Haertling House

I came across Charlotte Haertling‘s instagram and approached her about doing a yoga shoot. When we met up to go over ideas, we jumped on AirBnB to find potential locations to shoot. I found a gorgeous property with wonderful natural light and was about to write to the owner when we read the description: built by Boulder Architect Charles Haertling. Charlotte laughed to herself and said, “You know my last name is Haertling, right? That’s my grandfather, the architect. I’m named after him.” You can see Charles’ beautiful and unique structures all over Boulder. I relayed this information to the owner of the house, and she graciously agreed to let us use it for our shoot! Talk about serendipity!

Architecture Photography for Wake Forest Innovation Quarter

I hadn’t spent time in North Carolina since I was a kid, so when a friend from college asked if I would come shoot an economic project in Winston-Salem I was pretty excited to see the state, especially when the leaves were changing. Kristy works for Wake Forest Medical Center’s project trying to invigorate economic growth in Winston-Salem. They are building out abandoned cigarette factories, mixing old and new architecture in beautiful ways, and trying to get tech firms and innovative companies to come to the “Innovation Quarter”.

I brought my friend, Luis Carducci, a film maker in Miami, to be my assistant. Kristy had some very specific asks for our three days in WS, but she asked me to do something I rarely get asked from clients…”Just be creative! Go explore! Take photos of things that interest you.” I had so much fun with it, exploring the campus with Luis and getting some different angles of the beautiful architecture.

These are some of my favorite shots.