Architecture Photography for Wake Forest Innovation Quarter

I hadn’t spent time in North Carolina since I was a kid, so when a friend from college asked if I would come shoot an economic project in Winston-Salem I was pretty excited to see the state, especially when the leaves were changing. Kristy works for Wake Forest Medical Center’s project trying to invigorate economic growth in Winston-Salem. They are building out abandoned cigarette factories, mixing old and new architecture in beautiful ways, and trying to get tech firms and innovative companies to come to the “Innovation Quarter”.

I brought my friend, Luis Carducci, a film maker in Miami, to be my assistant. Kristy had some very specific asks for our three days in WS, but she asked me to do something I rarely get asked from clients…”Just be creative! Go explore! Take photos of things that interest you.” I had so much fun with it, exploring the campus with Luis and getting some different angles of the beautiful architecture.

These are some of my favorite shots.