Photo-A-Day 5: Durango

So I might skip weekends. This is work.

This weekend I went on a much needed adventure to Durango, CO. I’ve been feeling stuck in Boulder for a while and needed to get out. It’s a six and half hour drive to Durango, and it’s a shame it’s not closer. It was beautiful. I slept in my car at the Hermosa Creek Trailhead (Free Camping!) and when I came down the road in the morning I saw this:

It’s looking down the valley towards Durango. The leaves are in full fall colors. It was spectacular.

I spent the weekend with Chris Schulte, shooting some bouldering and mountain biking. I hadn’t done any downhill mountain biking for over year. It was good to get out again. Another thing that I would love to get into more…but it’s one.more.thing.

It was a great weekend. 

Photo-A-Day 3: Shadows

Ah! I missed a day already. Not good. 
In Rome, I met a group of Australians who really wanted to go see the Pope speak in St. Peter’s Basilica. A large crowd waits for hours to hear the Pope offer a blessing in their own language. Standing around, I was…antsy. I started taking photos of the people around me, but many gave me unpleasant looks. I pointed my camera at the ground. I love the result. Also, side note. I love the winter sun that sits low in the sky all day making beautiful light. This was shot at nearly noon. 

Day 2: Photo-A-Day

I think when a lot of people take do a photo-a-day blog they try and take a photo a day. While this is a great exercise and one that I hope to incorporate into this, the last few weeks have been incredibly busy and I sometimes don’t have time to break out my camera. So…I post photos from my past that I love but haven’t necessarily gotten a lot of attention.

In 2009 I took a whirlwind tour around Europe. This provided me with a TON of photography material. Some of my favorite shots from my trip were random details. This fountain sits in front of the Pantheon in Rome (one of my favorite places in Europe). I had the shot framed and the second before I took the photo this pigeon hopped up the back of the statue’s head. I loved that.

I don’t get out enough and just shoot. I need that inspiration again. Katie Collins…I need your inspiration again. Till next time, do as I say, not as I do. Get out and shoot everything! 

Photo A Day Challenge?

Your mom is usually your biggest fan no matter what you do. Well, my mom just challenged me to start doing a photo a day on here. So lets see how this goes.

In my work I take a lot of photos, and I don’t always know what to do with all of them. Sometimes they just don’t fit into any category, but you still love them. There’s no real place for them on your website, you don’t want to just post to Facebook. ok. Photo-A-Day is a great way to show off some of this work.

I love this photo, but have never found a place for it. I took it during the Ice&Fog series on my website, but I love the orange rim in color. 
And thus starts my Photo-A-Day challenge on my blog. I’d love to hear your thoughts.