A Different Perspective

I work a few hours each week with the organization Madelife in Boulder as a photography mentor. I enjoy getting to share my love for and knowledge of photography with other hungry creatives. A couple of weeks ago I was talking with one of the apprentices about changing your perspective and brought up a few photos of mine as an example. I then flipped the images to show how you can gain a new perspective just by rotating an image…and BAM I loved my new images!

I went to St. Peter’s in the Vatican in 2009, and while waiting for the Pope to speak I was standing around bored. I started photographing people’s shadows on the cobblestone and I loved the shapes it made.

But by rotating the images you get a whole new image that I think I love even more! 

Play. Experiment. Change your perspective!  

Photo-A-Day 3: Shadows

Ah! I missed a day already. Not good. 
In Rome, I met a group of Australians who really wanted to go see the Pope speak in St. Peter’s Basilica. A large crowd waits for hours to hear the Pope offer a blessing in their own language. Standing around, I was…antsy. I started taking photos of the people around me, but many gave me unpleasant looks. I pointed my camera at the ground. I love the result. Also, side note. I love the winter sun that sits low in the sky all day making beautiful light. This was shot at nearly noon.