Fall Colors Photo Excursion

My roommate, Sam, yells through the door, “Scott, a buddy of mine and I are going to try to find a ghost town. Do you want to go?” Eh, why not.

We drove around the mountains of the front range, not really finding a ghost town, then we decided to just drive to the 4th of July Trailhead. The fall colors are going off right now. We didn’t actually make it to the trailhead, so we just stopped and decided to explore the woods.

I had my Sony A6000 with the 18-105 F/4 with Optical Steady Shot (Image Stabilization) and I just hand held these shots at 1/15th to get the blurred water shots. IS is pretty amazing. I had my tripod in the car, but that was soo far away.

Happy Fall everyone!

A Picture of Trees

The last month has been a bit different for me and I haven’t really had time to post anything on here. I’m sorry. I want to be better about having new content regularly. Anyway, to tide you over, here are a couple of old photos I’ve re-edited.

windblown trees in Patagonia of Chile

waterfall on the Malaysian side of Borneo

Side note: My website is currently being updated with a new design. Should be done soon.