I’m Obsessed with a Tree

I’m obsessed with a tree. I’ve lived in Boulder for almost 4 years now, and I drive past this tree multiple times a week and I stare at it every time. I’ve only stopped to take photos of it a couple times, but I have a desire to shoot it every time the background is interesting.

I first shot it last November after a light snow.

In the last year I’ve seen it just begging to have a photo taken of it, but I’m usually in a hurry when I’m going to or from Golden on CO 93.

I finally stopped again on Saturday.

I will continue to stop and take photos of this tree for a very long time, I think. 

A Picture of Trees

The last month has been a bit different for me and I haven’t really had time to post anything on here. I’m sorry. I want to be better about having new content regularly. Anyway, to tide you over, here are a couple of old photos I’ve re-edited.

windblown trees in Patagonia of Chile

waterfall on the Malaysian side of Borneo

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