I regularly get bored in airports. Last year I did a post from the Phnom Penh Airport in Cambodia. This year, on my way back from Cuba in the Havana Airport I stopped several fellow travelers and asked if I could take their portraits.

I asked this beautiful woman if I could take her photo for my portrait series. She smiled slyly, and slowly stood up. I took a couple quick shots, and she moved expertly between each one. I joked, “seems like you’ve done this before.” “I’m a model, I was here for a Italian Vogue shoot with some of the old Cuban cars.” She pulled out her phone and showed me some behind the scenes shots. After looking at the photo I took of her, she said, “That’s really nice! My name is Monic Perez.”  When I got home I had to look her up. She is a former Miss Universe contestant from Puerto Rico and a quite successful model.

Coincidentally that morning, a woman staying at the same Casa Particular as me (Anne Bichon, a photographer from France) had told me she had come across a large photoshoot production and snapped a photo of one of the models between shots.

Tools: Sony A6300, Sigma Emount Adapter, Sigma 35mm f/1.4 Art, beautiful window light

Teaser from a Photoshoot on Flagstaff Mountain with Elizabeth Sasseman

Tuesday I got out with Elizabeth Sasseman, unsuccessfully trying to avoid the wind, to do a shoot for her portfolio. Despite the wind we did get some great stuff. I just wanted to share one of those photos.

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New Domains!

Portraits of Josh White

I’m prepping to do a shoot this afternoon for Cornerstone Apartments, which you can see photos from my last shoot with them here! <-- a="" click="" me="">. It should be a fun shoot on a beautiful day. 

Yesterday I did a quick portrait shoot with musician Josh White at Madelife, the creative incubator where I work part time as a photography mentor.

He said he wanted something dark, simple, black & white, and low key. The back room at Madelife is painted black, so dark is easy. I used a single constant light in a 36″ softbox to get the desired effect. I pointed the light away from Josh so that it just skimmed his face. I’d been wanting to create something like this for a while. I’m happy with the results.