Yoga with Amy

On my trip through the Pacific Northwest I stayed in Portland for several days. I got to see some family that was traveling through and climb with my sister in the Columbia Gorge. I also got to hang out with my friend and fellow photographer Amy Rollo (check out her work that I met in Chiang Mai, Thailand. We got to do a quick yoga shoot in the International Rose Test Garden right before I left for Bend. Always fun shooting with other photographers.

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This kid really wanted his photo taken.


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0713-PNW-1113 0713-PNW-1124

0713-PNW-1131 0713-PNW-1143 0713-PNW-1146

0713-PNW-1163 0713-PNW-1166 0713-PNW-1177 0713-PNW-1178 0713-PNW-1181 0713-PNW-1187

0713-PNW-1212 0713-PNW-1243

Shoot the Work You Want to Do – Urban Running with Annie

Rarely will a creative director hire you [a photographer] to shoot a project in which you have zero experience. You have to create the portfolio for the work you want to be paid for. This means you must do personal projects, it should be one of the most important parts of your portfolio. You get to bring your vision to life and really showcase what you can really do.

I had wanted to shoot with Annie for a long time, but our schedules hadn’t lined up. Finally last week it all came together for an amazing shoot. I had ideas in my head for shots I wanted in my portfolio, and these came out better than I imagined.  Thanks to Annie for being incredibly easy to work with and Ladd Forde for assisting.