Jansport Outdoor Lifestyle Shoot

A bit over a year ago I did a lifestyle shoot for Jansport’s outdoor line of backpacks. I finally made it through the 8000 images I took over two days and edited a few to add to my portfolio. It was such a fun crew to work with at a beautiful location (Mount Tamalpais in Marin County, CA). I hope you enjoy.

This couple was making out on the beach behind the shoot. Anthony thought it pretty funny. 

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Exploring the Bay Area – Playing with a 5D Mk III

At the beginning of April I flew out to California to do a shoot with Jansport. I had been having trouble with the LCD screen on my Canon 5D Mk II (2) not being visible in direct sunlight, and since this was an outdoor shoot I figured I should have gear I could depend on. Luckily Borrow Lenses is based in the Bay and I was able to pick up a 5D Mk III (3) for rent the same day. 
After picking up the camera I decided to drive to Half Moon Bay and take the 1 back to Marin county, where I was staying. If you haven’t done this drive, it’s spectacular. Even crossing over the pass from the East side of the peninsula is incredible. 
I stopped at a beach with a lot of surfers playing around in the waves and decided to take the new camera for a test drive. It’s always good to familiarize yourself with new equipment before a shoot (I learned that the hard way). 

There was a halfpipe set up just across the street and several kids were rocking it.

“Dog is my co-pilot”

Por mi madre

Loved this coastline! 

I met an awesome trio from Germany traveling around the west coast in an Escape Camper Van. Shared a few beers and laughs and wished them well on their travels.

Click HERE to see this larger. Panorama of San Francisco as seen from Treasure Island

 After my shoot I took several days to hang out with friends and explore. I met Anthony a couple weeks before while climbing in Indian Creek. He took me mountain biking on Mt. Tamalpais. It was awesome! Go say high to him at the Sports Basement! 

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I really loved the Bay area. Marin County was incredibly beautiful and I would love to live there! The weather was incredible while I was there and I was happy to get to see all my friends. If it weren’t for the damn traffic it might be almost paradise. 

The Compulsory Photo for My Mother

The Bay area was incredibly beautiful while I was out there for my shoot with Jansport earlier this month. We were moving between locations on Mount Tamalpias and Anne, from the Jansport team, pulled her car off the side of the road. I had told her I’d never shot from above the clouds before, and that was one shot I’ve always wanted to get. I stepped off onto the hillside looking for a shot.

My mom always bugs me that I don’t take enough “beauty shots”. So here you go, mom. The beauty of Marin County, California.

There is so much more to see in Marin County, and I wish I had had more time to capture it all.