Chiang Mai, Thailand

I left Bangkok on an overnight bus for Chiang Mai. I had a friend that just happened to be there, so I went to meet up. I didn’t really know anything about Chiang Mai except it was in the mountains. Right before I left I found out that the Lantern Festival (Yi Peng) was going on while I was there, so I wound up booking a hotel room before I left (I typically like finding housing when I show up. You find some great places that way). My hotel was a few kilometers out of downtown, so I rented a scooter to get around.


I have this weird thing that keeps me from using taxis for as long as humanly possible (It’s probably just being a cheapskate. I learned that from my family). I walked several kilometers with my 60+ lb pack to my hotel to avoid hiring a taxi. Then I walked another several kilometers from my hotel into town to find a scooter. On the way I found this temple.

1122-ChiangMai-0003 1122-ChiangMai-0004 1122-ChiangMai-0007Lanterns over the Ping River riverwalk

My friend has been traveling asia since August and keeps finding herself back in Chiang Mai. She took me on a hike up to this monastary. I now can’t find it on the Google machine, but it’s somewhere west of the city.
1123-ChiangMai-0008 1123-ChiangMai-0011 1123-ChiangMai-0012 1123-ChiangMai-0014-HDR 1123-ChiangMai-0020-HDR 1123-ChiangMai-0024 1123-ChiangMai-0025 1123-ChiangMai-0032 1123-ChiangMai-0037 1123-ChiangMai-0044 1123-ChiangMai-0053 1123-ChiangMai-0056 1123-ChiangMai-0067

I said goodbye to one friend, and met up with another. In one of those wierd traveling coincedences I was in Chiang Mai at the same time as my buddy Luis’ sister.

I had spent the night at Luis’ and his sisters apartment in NYC the night before I left for Bangkok. I didn’t know this when I arrived there, but Giuliana was leaving at 6am for…Bangkok. I followed at 2pm. We missed each other in Bangkok, and then realized that we were both in Chiang Mai.

We explored the night market.

1123-ChiangMai-0073 1123-ChiangMai-0074 1123-ChiangMai-0076 1123-ChiangMai-0078

Love these illustrations1123-ChiangMai-0079 1123-ChiangMai-0080 1123-ChiangMai-0082 1123-ChiangMai-0088

I went climbing the next day at the Crazy Horse Buttress outside of the city on transport provided by Chiang Mai Rock Climbing Adventures. Go there. Use them. It’s awesome. I didn’t really take any photos because I was enjoying the hell out of the steep, super-featured limestone climbs. The community has done an excellent job of bolting and maintaining this area.

The first night of the festival was putting floating candles in bouquets in the Ping River, called Loy Krathong. I don’t fully understand either of the days, but both seem to be about letting go.

1124-ChiangMai-0096 1124-ChiangMai-0106 1124-ChiangMai-0109 1124-ChiangMai-0122 1124-ChiangMai-0127 1124-ChiangMai-0129 1124-ChiangMai-0136 1124-ChiangMai-0140 1124-ChiangMai-0142 1124-ChiangMai-0143 1124-ChiangMai-0145 1124-ChiangMai-0146 1124-ChiangMai-0149 1124-ChiangMai-0154 1124-ChiangMai-0155 1124-ChiangMai-0160

I went back to Crazy Horse for a second day with some awesome people that I would end up meeting up with again in Laos. Ron and Adie on the left. 1124-ChiangMai-0168 1125-ChiangMai-0249

The Lantern festival at night was a beautiful thing to behold. But I also thought a lot about how much trash they were just sending somewhere else. 1125-ChiangMai-0253 1125-ChiangMai-0255 1125-ChiangMai-0258 1125-ChiangMai-0263 1125-ChiangMai-0264 1125-ChiangMai-0269 1125-ChiangMai-0272

Chiang Mai was great, I wish I had more time to explore and climb there. But I was on to Laos to meet up with more friends.