Washington Test Shoot

One more post today. I had a lot to catch up on.

While out in Washington I wanted to work on more of my running, lifestyle and backpacking/hiking portfolio in an environment that I don’t really see in Colorado (or Indiana for that matter).

Alicia met me near Deception pass, one of my favorite spots in the area. We climbed up Goose Rock Trail on the Whidbey side of the pass, and found some great locations to shoot. I love the dense forests of Western Washington as well as the foggy weather.

The forests were quite dark, and the sun was not helping much, so I used my to supplement. Not having an assistant made working with the strobes difficult, but we made due.

I tried a new technique to capture my runner in motion by running along side them, which gives me the added benefit of always having them at the right distance and I can motion blur the background while keeping the runner mostly in focus.

On top of Goose Rock, there was much more light, so I no longer needed to use my strobes. But it rained on us even more.

Alicia with her beautiful dog, Alba. 

Alba, Say Hi.
It was extremely difficult to capture this shot. Alba would not stay still for an instant. 

I had a great time with Alicia and Alba. I got the photos I was looking for and rounded out my trip. I also put my equipment through a lot of rain. Hope the radio slaves are fine. 

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