Christmas in Louisiana

Over the holidays I went with my girlfriend to Lafayette (pronounced Laffy-et), LA to meet her parents and see where she spent most of her childhood. Melissa wanted to make sure I wasn’t bored for the almost two weeks we spent there, so we tried to explore as much as possible.

Our first adventure was driving down around Lake Arthur, then coming back along the coastline.

We stopped at Cameron Prarie National Wildlife Preserve for a quick detour.

Another quick trip was to Lake Chicot State Park, one of the many famous Cypress lakes in the bayou.

I’m trying play around with more video and made this quick edit from Chicot.

Closer to Lafayette is Lake Martin. I’d wanted to get a moody, foggy, sunrise here, but it was either raining or brightly sunny. So we drove the 30 miles on a whim in the afternoon, renting a canoe just before sunset. Was a beautiful sunset.

Finally, we had a foggy morning in Lafayette. But we were heading to New Orleans, so I couldn’t stop for too long.

We stayed with my cousin and ate some amazing food, then went to City Park the next day to explore. The sculpture garden is worth spending some time in!

We then popped into the New Orleans Botanical Gardens.

For some reason, there was a rooster parading around the grounds.

We decided to fly home a few days early and found a flight out of Houston that was quite a bit cheaper. On the 5 hour drive, we saw some fog.

It was a bit different than how I typically spend my holidays, trying to ice climb and ski as much as possible, but Louisiana was definitely a nice vacation. I’ll probably have to go back.