First Snow of the Season

After months of waiting for a fresh coating of the white, powdery cocaine, snow is finally filling the mountains of Colorado. Like addicts falling off the wagon, Eric Poore and I met before dawn to get our fix. We headed to St Mary’s Glacier, where we were guaranteed at least some rock free skiing with a layer of fresh on top.

We were the only car in the parking lot. I was giddy taking my first gliding steps uphill, the nylon skins gripping the heavy, wet snow. God, I’ve missed this!

Navigating through the rocky trail we made it to the lake to find a beautiful winter wonderland. Needless to say, I’m excited for more of this.

Eric has had his right hand in a cast all summer with a broken wrist. He’s psyched for the freedom of the brace, but can’t wait till he can fully use his hand again.

Eric flips his binding’s risers as we get onto the glacier.

It was white out conditions when we got to the top of the glacier.

Halfway down our first run Eric swaps out his Dynafit skis for a pair of snow blades.

Eric scopes out the slope skier’s right of the glacier.

1023-stmarys-0125 1023-stmarys-0132
Eric really wanted to ski the couloir we skied back in early August. He had broken his skins earlier and was having to boot-pack, so he decided to boot-pack the couloir to see what the conditions were like. I skinned around to the top and waited for him. I loved this tree weighted by the burden of the fresh snow.
1023-stmarys-0142 1023-stmarys-0156 1023-stmarys-0162 1023-stmarys-0181 1023-stmarys-0193

Skiing in August

I woke up too early to meet up with Eric Poore and Ian Bolliger Sunday morning. We were determined to do some ski turns in August, so we drove up to St. Mary’s Glacier. Positioned on the Continental Divide in the Indian Peaks, the glacier has a snowpack year round.

With only a 3/4 mile approach, whether or not there was actually snow to ski, it was little effort to get to the base.

Ian and Eric bootpack to the top of the glacier (to something like 11,200ft) 

Ian watches Eric make some epic turns on the top of the glacier

Even with a broken wrist, Eric was super excited to be back on skis! 

He couldn’t contain himself.

Eric makes a slash above St Mary’s Lake
There was a steep couloir to the south of the main glacier that still had snowback, so we decided to ski it as well. 

Eric bootpacks the slope for a second run

Eric had to get 3rd run in…good laps for August

Ian modeling his Prana shorts

Wild Flowers! 

It was great to be back on skis and to get out again with Eric. Can’t wait for more adventures this fall!