Wake Forest Innovation Quarter Architecture and Lifestyle

Two years ago I was asked to shoot Architecture (Click Here to see it!) for Wake Forest Innovation Quarter, which is a redevelopment project in Winstom-Salem, NC. Last time, the marketing manager asked me to focus on the exterior architecture of the campus, and I was given free rein to “make things look pretty!” There were several scheduled lifestyle shoots in specific areas of the Quarter, but most of the time my assistant and I wandered around with the camera glued to my eye, finding new and interesting angles to view the buildings. I had a blast: it was one of my favorite shoots of the year!

This year Wake Forest IQ gave me the same task but asked me to focus more on interiors, details, and textures. I always enjoy clients that believe in my ability to create beautiful images and really let me explore the “product” or space.

I love traveling to North Carolina for several reasons…but the food…the food makes the trip incredible!

I was also tasked with capturing life around the vibrant campus.

The Wake Forest Innovation Quarter is constantly growing. I can’t wait to go back and see how much it’s changed in the next couple of years!