Flying to Reno with My Dad


Last New Years my dad came to Boulder to pick me up in his Vans RV10 that he’d spent the previous 8 years building in our garage. We were going to visit my sister who had just moved to Reno, NV. (My dad picked the call sign, N110SC. I like to think it stands for N110ScottClark, but it could be Steve Clark, Sandy Clark, or Sarah Clark. There’s a lot of SC)

0101 reno 0002

We flew just north of Longs Peak and the Diamond in Rocky Mountain National Park.

0101 reno 0009

Everything is super close when you fly. Made me want to invest in a helicopter. There were so many untouched bowls on the back side of the Indian Peaks Wilderness. Winterpark was 15 minutes away, Steamboat Springs only about 35 minutes.
0101 reno 0017

0101 reno 0020

Steamboat Springs from above
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0101 reno 0045
This is what the Inversion in Salt Lake looks like when flying through it. 
0101 reno 0046
Antelope Island in the Great Salt Lake
0101 reno 0067
0101 reno 0085
Lake Tahoe in January with very little snow. We rented snowshoes and did not need them at all. 
0101 reno 0155
A twisted tree near Reno, NV
0101 reno 0160
0101 reno 0165
0101 reno 0168
0101 reno 0213
My sister hiking with my nephew, Sebastian
0101 reno 0226
0103 Reno 0235 2
On the flight back, the mountains with a light covering of snow. 
0103 Reno 0242
0103 Reno 0255
Bingham Canyon Mine, a copper mine just outside of Salt Lake City, is a massive scar in the mountainside. It’s over half mile deep and 2.5 miles wide.
0103 Reno 0258
0103 Reno 0269
The beautiful Wasatch Range 
0103 Reno 0279
A crazy geological feature in Eastern Utah
0103 Reno 0297
A lenticular cloud above the Indian Peaks in Central Colorado which typically equates to crazy wind patterns.

0103 Reno 0301

0103 Reno 0322
We cruised over Rollinsville Pass with a massive tailwind, but surprisingly almost no turbulence. But just like waiting for the bass to drop in a dubstep song, on the other side of the pass the lift disappeared out from under us, and we dropped suddenly with the most violent turbulence I’ve ever felt. It was good to know that the thousands of rivets my dad had placed by hand held together, and we landed safely in Boulder a few moments later.
I always loved growing up flying with my dad. It had been a few years since I’d gotten that opportunity. I would love to get my license sometime in the future. It provides a different perspective for photography that you really cannot get any other way. Except for in a helicopter…which is really what I want. Starting a Buy Scott a Helicopter fund right now. Let me know if you’d like to contribute!