Gillian Grassie

It has been forever. Sorry guys, this last month has been busy. It seems that after a slow summer a lot of things are happening now. Fall has always been my favorite season. The temperature is getting cooler, and I feel like breaking out of the funk.

A couple of weeks ago my friend Gillian Grassie came to visit. She’s a singer/songwriter/harpist that I met in Mumbai in 2009. She was travelling around the world studying the impact of technology in different music culture on the Watson Fellowship. She travelled with a full size celtic harp. I thought it was tough for me to travel with all my photo gear! After a broken harp case, getting robbed in Russia, and leaving her harp with friend’s in Germany, she made it back to the States a year later. You should check out her music at She’s recording a new album this winter, so be sure to check her out.

Gillian came to play a show in Bloomington as part of a short tour including Illinois, Minnesota, and Canada. I suggested that we throw together a shoot before her show, and she happily agreed.  We went to a factory I’d always been interested in exploring. It turned out to be a great location and exactly what I was looking for.

Since the shoot came about last minute I didn’t have time to find an assistant. I ended up shooting the whole thing with two flashes, and I was the second light stand. I would set up the shot, fix the focus, press the shutter with the camera set to 10 second timer, then run around like a madman after each shot to light something different. It was a fun experiment in seeing what I could achieve in a short amount of time by myself, but I would highly recommend using an assistant. Would make the jomucho más fácil. But it allowed me to put together this fun behind the scenes shot. 

I’ve got a lot of shoots I need to do this fall. I’m looking for athletes to photograph: runners, yoga, kayakers, sailers, wake boarders, mountain bikers and parkour. Well, basically any outdoor sports. If you have any suggestions for athletes, please let me know. Thanks!

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