Ring Flash Goodness

Sometimes I need inspiration to shoot. I have barely picked up my camera since I came to Indiana in March. I get stuck just doing my thing not looking for creative outlets, but my soul suffers. My good friend Katie Collins (katiecollinsphoto.blogspot.com) from Nashville, TN came up to hang out for a couple of days. One thing ALWAYS happens when we hang out. Photography. She’s an incredible muse and encourages ideas. Even when I’m on the other side of the world I’m bouncing ideas off of her.

Friday night in Bloomington, IN Katie and I set out to attend a photo gallery opening and meet some friends near Kirkwood. I break out my Orbis Ring Flash and we go to work flagging down strangers and friends, asking if I can get entirely too close to them to take a portrait with my 16-35mm wide angle lens. With this absurd plastic dish inches from their face I ask the subject to make a funny face.  People outside of bars seem to be much more willing to do funny, silly things than people in day to day life. I like shooting in this atmosphere.

Test shot #1

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Examples of using the ring flash as a off camera key light.

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