Post #90

Greetings from Indiana. It’s interesting being back here. My two weeks in the Pacific Northwest were great and added to my desire to live there…soon. Leaving for Indiana was hard. Even from the airplane window looking over the flat farmland, I found myself grimacing. I was not ready to be stuck in the flat, dead lands of the midwest. I was excited to see friends, but the reverse culture shock was severe. Since the initial shock, the effects have faded. Seeing amazing friends, climbing in my home climbing gym, and standing on my sister’s property overlooking beautiful rolling hills bounding off into the distance have returned me, all of me, to this place. Maybe it is good to be home to some extent. To be recognized; loved. This month will go too fast and I will find myself on a plane heading back to Mumbai. I am excited for the next move. I am not sure where it will take me, but right now I’m hoping its the Pacific Northwest – namely, Portland.

I finished the paperwork today to do some substitute teaching while I’m back. Sometimes I love it. Sometimes it’s hell.

Here’s a portrait I took of my friend Tiffany using a window as a back light and my Orbis Ringflash on my Speedlite 580exII as fill. I shot Tiffany with my 50mm at f/1.4 while Ed, her crazy 60 something year old roommate watched over my shoulder. He likes to talk.

She got a tattoo. 
More soon.