Muktangan School

This week I did another photoshoot for ATMA at a school called Muktangan. It is a groundbreaking school that serves as model for other schools to follow in new education theory. I shot all day and almost 800 frames. I was dead tired after the shoot from all the screaming kids. I got home and started to upload the files. Lightroom told me there were only about 350 images on my card, 200 of which were viewable. With a frantic call to Canon and use of the SanDisk File Recovery Software, all was fixed.

I am flying out this afternoon for Calcutta and will be hitting up Darjeeling and possibly Bangladesh or Nepal, not sure which. Will check in soon.

More Photos after the jump!

Most of these, the keylight is an Orbis ringflash on my Canon Speedlite 580ExII connected to my camera via flash extension cable and held by my portable lightstand, Vinay.

My assistant, Vinay, standing while I figure out lighting for a shot. He is wonderfully helpful. And he takes me climbing!

I bought a motorcycle two days ago. So, I needed a helmet. Why not get one that makes me feel like a fighter jet pilot?