Website Updates – No More Weddings!

I have officially taken the Weddings section off of my website in light of the fact that I no longer wish to photograph weddings. I am retiring from Wedding photography. I have had some good times, and some really bad experiences. I am not passionate about wedding photography. So now my website no longer betrays that fact by advertising my wedding photography. I made new menus that took too much time to create and code, adding Travel & Documentary. I moved most of the work from “Personal” to “Travel & Documentary” and added some new pages in there. I hope the updates are viewed as favorable. Let me know if you have any thoughts.

Scott Clark Photography

One thought on “Website Updates – No More Weddings!”

  1. I like the look of the new navigation. Its a bit confusing till you get used to it. And i'm not sure if the style fits in the rest of the site.
    The rest of the site is very blocked and liniar but the new navigation is a bit more "flowy". If you know what i mean.
    Could use some tweaking the layout and font maybe.
    But i like the idea.

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