Karimnagar 07.17.09

This post has been waiting to be posted since before I left for Mumbai, but hey, I’m “busy”.

I went again with Harvest Ministries to a village in the Karimnagar district where they were facilitating a medical clinic for victims of HIV/AIDS and passing out medications. I explored a bit on my own then with Acsha and Erica, went to a small village away from the main road and took some photos with the girls acting as my light stands. I used my speedlight 580EXII and a translucent light disc to defuse the light.

This ladies eyes in this image either scare me or crack me up. The poses some people take when you ask to take their photos are comical. I would love to catch or be able to convince these people to act comfortably, but language barrier prevents that.

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I love love this one.

A shepherd and his goats.

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Kittens Inspired by Kittens!

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