Who needs a studio?

Here is a picture that I took of a friend for a headshot she needed. I used two Canon Speedlites with no attachments. I placed her about five feet from the white wall by my stairs and put one Speedlight on a tripod on the stairs to light the back ground. The key light I put on another tripod slightly to my left and pointed it behind me and slightly up to bounce off the white wall and ceiling. Viola. Studio looking shot using only two Speedltes and bouncing light off of walls. Who needs a studio?

New Personal Project!

I wish that I was more driven to shoot on my own. I do not often enough come up with a concept then make efforts to achieve my idea. A while back I was taking a nap in my car when I woke up with these images in my head (mostly the first five). Sophie was a wonderful model.

I have driven past this building numerous times thinking that I should sometime take photos of it. Finally I stopped.

West Baden Springs & St. Meinrad Abbey

Last week a friend and I took off in the car and went to West Baden Springs near French Lick, IN to see the “newly” renovated hotel there, an impressive structure built in 1902.

Quite impressive, but strangely decorated. There were a lot of different patterns and types of decorations that didn’t necessarily work well together.

Then we drove to St. Meinrad, IN to see the Abbey there.
Having seen the ridiculously ornate churches of Europe, despite being a Benedictine abbey, I appreciated the simplistic nature of this church.

It was a wonderfully beautiful day and concluded with a spectacular concert from Tommy Emmanuel www.tommyemmanuel.com

Ra Ra Riot and So many Dynamos

Last night I went to a small venue and saw three really great bands. So Many Dynamos from St. Louis, Cut off your Hands from Auckland, New Zealand and Ra Ra Riot from Syracuse, NY. It’s been a while since I’ve been to a really good show. I didn’t shoot as much as I normally would, but I was enjoying my company. These pictures don’t do the show justice. Check them out on Myspace. www.myspace.com/somanydynamos. www.myspace.com/cutoffyourhands. www.myspace.com/rarariot.

So many Dynamos

Ra Ra Riot

Bloomington Fog

I love fog. I love how it gives new simple life to cluttered and dirty scenes. I love how it separates and creates new perspectives. One morning last December this beautiful fog blanketed my city and I gladly took advantage.

I drove past here the other day and noticed how close a large building is to this field. It really blows me away how thick the fog can get.

PS Happy PI day!

Nashville Street Portraits

While in Nashville my good friend Katie and I parked at the Titan’s stadium and walked to Broadway looking for an excuse to to take portraits of people on the street. The musicians became just the reason we needed. With Katie acting as my lightstand and umbrella by holding my Canon Speedlite 580ex II and shooting it through a translucent light disc, we took photos of musicians and drunks next to the Stage night club.


Members of the band On Tracy Lane



Blue kept calling this guy Patrick Swayze


“Patrick” and Blue rocking out to Jimmy Buffet

Drunk girl and “Patrick”

Steve from Leeds and Mary

Steve from Leeds and Ron

Steve from Leeds everyone.

Wayne eating free ribs.

The jovial troupe

Harry & Izzy’s at the Airport

Last week I did a photoshoot for the restaurant Harry & Izzy’s that has a location in the Indianapolis airport terminal. Getting past airport security is a process. I had to have a personal escort the entire time. They would only allow me in and not the account managers. I was taking pictures of mostly the exterior using available light so it wasn’t to complex, but the complexity and diversity of the available light meant I had to spend time in post balancing things out.

Ready to Travel

I am putting together a show of my travel work from Uganda, Rwanda, Costa Rica, and India which will be displayed in the Wesleyan Church Headquarters in Indianapolis, IN. While making the placecards I had to look through my journals to find names and locations. While reading through my Journal from Uganda and Rwanda, I found this entry:

9/3/06 Kibungu, Rwanda, East Africa
“Today was a day just like any other day except for the manioc (banana mush) for breakfast. Today was a day just like any other except for falling asleep in a rickety bus on the way to a rural Anglican parish in south eastern Rwanda. The same sun I have know all my life greeted me over the most beautiful red-sand mountain with lush vegetation. It is strange knowing I am below the equator, I am on a new and different continent, but feeling I am the same person. It is strange because I could wake up tomorrow in Indiana, the next day in India and still I would feel the same. Maybe I expected too much. Maybe this is good; I am prepared to travel the world.”

I find it interesting that I wrote this two and half years ago, but still when I travel I feel the same way: a disappointment that I am not different while my environment is different. I don’t know if I just built up traveling in my mind so much that I have outlandish expectations for the transformational effects of travel. I can even remember feeling this way traveling with my family as a boy, somehow expecting the distance traveled to magically transform everything about my ability to sense my environment.

DIY Beauty Dish (Light Diffusing Bowl)

Yesterday I finished a Do It Yourself Beauty Dish that I found plans for on David Tejada‘s blog.

Equipment list:

  • 1 large plastic bowl (14″ or so)
  • 1 old 50 pack CD spindle
  • 1 convex Auto mirror
  • 1 CD
  • 1 Gutter connection (I first bought a 2×3″ plastic piece that fit my Canon Speedlite 430ex perfectly, but I wanted to use my Canon Speedlite 580exII and the flash is too big to fit in the 2×3″, so I found a larger aluminum version that works well. See Picture)
  • 1 pack 4-40×1/2 nuts and scews
  • 2 Krylon Fusion spray paint (For plastics), one white, one black
  • 1 Velcro strap (I used weather stripping instead of velcro)

Possible Tools:

  • Utility Knife
  • Glue (spray or something like Gorilla Glue)
  • measure utensil
  • Power drill and bits
  • Screw driver

Here is my finished product.

The backside of the bowl with the gutter connection coming from the inside.

The inside of the bowl with the CD case and the flash installed. The Plastic CD Case Cover has three sections (roughly 3.5″ x 2.5″) cut out of it to allow more light through (the plastic is somewhat reflecting and would limit the amount of light emitted).

This is looking down into the convex mirror and CD glued to the inside of the CD case

The Mirror and CD are what make the Dish work
Top View
What thelight looks like when the flash is fired and when it’s not

Here are some examples that I shot of myself that show with the bowl and direct flash.

Direct Flash
With Beauty Dish
Direct Flash
With Beauty Dish

Here are some additional examples with the Beauty Dish

Do Art.

I don’t DO art enough. I get caught up in the day to day work and fail to feed myself. For a while I’ve been considering doing “Art-a-day” but have not found sufficient motivation or inspiration. Yesterday I went with a friend to the Indianapolis Museum of Art for one reason: to take pictures. It was refreshing and fun. These were taken with a canon speedlight 580exII strobe in a 32″ brolly box.

These first three pictures were shot in the parking garage at the IMA. Who needs a studio?


Thank you for checking out my blog. (web log). I will be updating with pictures from jobs I’m working on, travels, and just my thoughts. I’m also hoping to do some random arts to add as well.

Here is an image to start things off. It has been my screen saver for days. I love staring at it when my brain stops working. It is the interior of the dome at the Pantheon in Rome.