Hong Kong Street Photography

The last stop on my trip in Asia was Hong Kong. I bought my flight out of there when I thought I was going to China, and it made sense in my trip trajectory, but I went to Cambodia instead and had to buy two¬†additional flights from Phnom Penh to Bangkok and Bangkok to HK. I was almost out of the money I had borrowed from Xavi after my wallet had been stolen, and the guest houses in HK were far more expensive than where I had been staying in Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia. I had met a guy in Thakhek who lived in Hong Kong who said he could help me out. He connected me with a friend of his who also happened to run an AirBnB out of his apartment. Thankfully, Gordon let me crash on his couch despite having a paying AirBnB guest staying. An incredibly gracious host, Gordon met me at the train station, and showed me around his neighborhood with his girlfriend. I’m definitely indebted to him, I left Hong Kong with $3 US dollars. I would not have made it without his accommodations.

I had one full day to explore Hong Kong, and I spent the day photographing with a street photography mindset. I had a blast. Hong Kong was an incredibly fun city to explore.

1215-HongKong-0007 1215-HongKong-0006


1215-HongKong-0010 1215-HongKong-0011

1215-HongKong-0012 1215-HongKong-0018 1215-HongKong-0071 1215-HongKong-0070 1215-HongKong-0025 1215-HongKong-0030 1215-HongKong-0031

1215-HongKong-0033 1215-HongKong-0036

1215-HongKong-0037 1215-HongKong-0042 1215-HongKong-0044 1215-HongKong-0045 1215-HongKong-0050 1215-HongKong-0051 1215-HongKong-0065 1215-HongKong-0073

1215-HongKong-0074 1215-HongKong-0076

1215-HongKong-0077 1215-HongKong-0085


I got really into photographing people's shadows at a crosswalk.

1215-HongKong-0182 1215-HongKong-0202 1215-HongKong-0204 1215-HongKong-0205 1215-HongKong-0209 1215-HongKong-0211 1215-HongKong-0214 1215-HongKong-0215 1215-HongKong-0217 1215-HongKong-0223 1215-HongKong-0227 1215-HongKong-0236 1215-HongKong-0237 1216-HongKong-0242 1216-HongKong-0248 1216-HongKong-0254 1216-HongKong-0257 1216-HongKong-0263 1216-HongKong-0265 1216-HongKong-0272 1216-HongKong-0275 1216-HongKong-0276 1216-HongKong-0279 1216-HongKong-0280 1216-HongKong-0282 1216-HongKong-0283 1216-HongKong-0288 1216-HongKong-0293 1216-HongKong-0296 1216-HongKong-0299 1216-HongKong-0302 1216-HongKong-0305 1216-HongKong-0306 1216-HongKong-0314 1216-HongKong-0316 1216-HongKong-0321 1216-HongKong-0325 1216-HongKong-0326 1216-HongKong-0330 1216-HongKong-0333 1216-HongKong-0336 1216-HongKong-0340 1216-HongKong-0350 1216-HongKong-0344 1216-HongKong-0352 1216-HongKong-0358 1216-HongKong-0361 1216-HongKong-0369 1216-HongKong-0371 1216-HongKong-0375 1216-HongKong-0390 1216-HongKong-0395 1216-HongKong-0402 1216-HongKong-0413 1215-HongKong-0061 1215-HongKong-0064 1215-HongKong-0179 1216-HongKong-0383

My time in Southeast Asia was over. I decided to stay up all night so I could sleep better on my flights. It worked. ¬†I flew to Shanghai, then the 15 or so hours to New York. As soon as we took off, I passed out for 8 hours! Hands down the best sleep on a plane I’ve ever had. I love seeing new places, eating new foods, but I especially love meeting new people.

I love seeing new places, eating new foods, but I especially love meeting new people. Travel feeds my soul.