From the Archives: Alternative Energy

Several years ago, 2007 to be exact, I was the in-house photographer for Hirons & Co, an advertising firm out of Indianapolis. I shot a wide variety of things while I was there, but one of my favorite projects was for Wabash Valley Power Association. I traveled around the midwest capturing images of many of the WVPA’s power projects, many of which were alternative energies. Many of my images from 2007 are still on their website.

The Fair Oaks Dairy in Northern Indiana is energy self sustaining, collecting methane from the cows’ manure and burning it. This small cow, one of the lucky ones that got to be outside, was very interested in my camera. This image got a lot of play with the WVPA

These massive turbines in Illinois made the landscape so much more interesting. I wish there were more of these wind farms around Indiana.

I’m going back through my old files trying catagorize and organize them. Tedious work. I need an intern…that would work for free.