A Boulder for Travelers

I often get stuck in a mental state with my photography where I rarely capture the place that I live. It’s been a bit different with Boulder, because beauty is all around me, but I still haven’t looked at Boulder like a tourist might. I recently received a prompt to shoot Boulder for a higher end travel magazine. It was interesting trying to see it in a different light. Where are your favorite places in Boulder?


Boulder Public Library

0916-boulder-0010 0916-boulder-0024

St Julien Hotel


0916-boulder-0031Alpine Modern


0916-boulder-0047Old Chicago

0916-boulder-0072 0916-boulder-0074 0916-boulder-0090 0916-boulder-0109 0918-boulder-0125 0918-boulder-0143 0918-boulder-0159-hdrDushanbe Tea House

0918-boulder-0166 0918-boulder-0180 0918-boulder-0196 0918-boulder-0205 0918-boulder-0232 0921-boulder-0014Rayback Collective

0921-boulder-0025 0922-boulder-0106The Flatirons on a moody morning.

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    1. Thanks! No, these were all shot just after sunset. Just slow shutter speeds.

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