The Road to Wild Iris

Over Labor Day weekend, I went with a group of friends to climb limestone pockets in Wild Iris, Wyoming. It was great fun…and I didn’t take any photos of climbing. But I did shoot the Landscapes leading to and surrounding the climbing area. Needless to say, it was beautiful!

0901-wildiris-0001 0901-wildiris-0019 0901-wildiris-0041

The sunset outside of Frederick, CO was pretty awesome


I took this with a $30 lens. I’m continually impressed by the Fotasy¬†35mm f1.7. (If you have a sony, you should probably buy it)

0902-wildiris-0060 0902-wildiris-0063

These two were also shot with the Fotasy 35mm F1.7. This was our campsite in Wild Iris, with the Wind River Range in the background.

0902-wildiris-0078 0902-wildiris-0098

Danielle not modeling, just doing Danielle things.

Danielle and Tyler had the better tent spot for photos. My tent had a more treed backdrop.

0902-wildiris-0121 0902-wildiris-0125

That night had one of the brightest Milky Ways I’ve ever seen. And there were some meteors that night too. Much better show than during the “climax” of the Perseid Meteor Shower.

0903-wildiris-0134 0903-wildiris-0146 0903-wildiris-0154

I found another solo tree that I love.


Can you guess what this canyon is called? It’s Red Canyon. Because it’s red.