Product Shoot with Beal Rope

A couple weeks ago I bought a new 70m climbing rope, a Beal Stinger 9.4mm Unicore, and I decided to do a product shoot with it…because. I had an idea of what I wanted to create, and it came out pretty solidly like I was imagining, with the help of a friend flipping the rope while I shot.

0609-beal-0076 0609-beal-0107 0609-beal-0126


I’ve been using the rope now for a bit and I’m loving it. I was nervous getting such a narrow gauge rope, but┬ámy anxiousness has passed. It’s definitely not a beginner’s rope; it takes more care when you’re belaying and rappelling. But what it offers is a rope that offers little drag when climbing trad routes that dance all over a face, smooth belaying and rappelling, a strong middle marker, and 70m length to get you back to the ground in fewer rappels, all in a lightweight, robust package. I’m a fan.