Practice Shoot

Once again it has been a while. A lot has been happening this past month, which has been great. I had been talking with a company about doing a shoot soon. The creative directors really wanted me for the shoot, but since I had not worked for the company before and did not have many big name clients the marketing director was not yet sold. They gave me the brief for the shoot and asked me to do a practice round. I asked my friend, Leigh, to find a friend and a dog, and we did a quick shoot around downtown Boulder. The company wanted lifestyle images, so I wanted to work without any lighting. My friend and assistant Scott (we work well as a team, as well, we are easier to call. “Hey Scotts!”) helped me out with the shoot operating the reflector.

Clouds came and covered the usually sunny Boulder, but gave us a really nice diffused and directional light. I really prefer to shoot into the light, especially for lifestyle shots. It took my models a bit to get comfortable, but they did a great job.

The photos were good enough to prove to the marketing director that I would be able to do the shoot. 
I did the shoot last weekend and it went fantastic. I will post photos when they allow me to. 

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