Rock & Ice Parting Shot

I got a climbing photo published in Rock & Ice magazine! It is the Parting Shot in the April issue.

And here is the original shot. (I never showed it to you guys, but it’s where the title bar of this blog comes from.

5 thoughts on “Rock & Ice Parting Shot”

  1. I saw that happen! I was like, DAMN…to think that I missed the deadline for that submission.

    I did however, flaunt to all the climbers around me that I knew you AND knew the climb in the shot.

  2. Haha, I did the same thing with the cover of Rock & Ice, I think in December. The title was Monkey Nation and had a Sam BiƩ shot that was taken just around the corner. I was like, "I was there when he took this, shooting from a different angle!"

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