Mountain Workshops 2010

Last night concluded my first Mountain Workshops, a photography workshop focused on photojournalism. Surrounded by amazing coaches, photographers doing amazing things in their field, I had a great experience. It was a challenge, it pushed me, but I had great support. I was frustrated by the story (or lack of apparent story) that I drew out of the hat, but after two rough days I had a breakthrough, both shooting and with figuring out what my story was. This was my first time doing a photostory in the pure journalistic sense. I am proud of the result, and will publish it on here sometime soon.

It’s been a crazy month since I’ve been back in the US. This week just added to it. Almost a month ago I bought a used car, a 2005 Scion xB. I really loved it; it was the perfect car for me. Just the right amount of space, great gas mileage, and fun to drive. Wednesday, in search of a feature story in the morning light of Elizabethtown, Kentucky, I did something stupid and this is the result.

So ends the story of Carlos, my perfect car for a month. He is totaled, but I’m lucky to be uninjured, as are the two guys and a dog from the other car. I am sad to see him go. But I can’t wait to find Carlos, Jr.

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