When my girlfriend and I were discussing where to go in Malaysia, she said we, without question, had to go to Borneo. I honestly hadn’t looked into Malaysia any further than Kuala Lumpur, so after looking at what Borneo (Malaysia’s eastern two states) had to offer I was sold. Amy’s main reason for wanting to go to the island was Orangutans, their only natural habitat.

While in Kuching, in the state of Sarawak, we took a day trip to the Semenggoh Nature Reserve. Twice every day workers put out bananas, coconuts, and other fruits on a platform and call out into the deep jungle letting the primates know “Dinner’s On!”

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The other monkeys.

What attracts the orangutans day after day, food.

You cannot see it too clearly here, but this orangutan is enjoying his snack while doing an overextended splits, an unimaginable position

In the park, they also have saltwater and freshwater crocodiles, but most of these are in cages while rehabilitating.

This crocodile was the largest I have ever seen. I think his mouth was large enough to encompass my entire body, but up against the wall in his cage and I couldn’t get a clear shot at him.

I will post the rest of my trip to Malaysia soon.