Attention to Detail

I did a shoot in Andhra Pradesh for a development company at the beginning of July. I thought I had been hired to do interiors for finished residential projects, but I mostly shot infrastructure. I did one interior shoot in an impressive apartment of a pilot. This is his entertainment room…

One hand held speedlite in the corner pointed at the recliners

One of the things I’ve found frustrating here in India is getting detailed information before a shoot. It seems I go in blind even though I demand more details. And somehow an infrastructure project turned into a portrait shoot of one of the directors.

One speedlite shot through translucent lite disc in front and to
the left of the subject. One bare speedlite behind and to the left.

I am leaving Monday for a week back in Hampi and then flying to Malaysia for a week. I hopefully will have something to show from both of these trips. (My camera is being repaired by Canon India, and it’s up in the air whether the camera will be finished by monday morning. They’ve had my 50mm lens for a month and half, so I’m becoming doubtful.)