Climbing the Dragon

It’s been a busy few weeks here in Mumbai. I’ve been working to get all of the photos from Ladakh edited while trying to get some other things accomplished. I shot a project for a magazine on friday that I will hopefully post soon (I’ll probably have to wait until its been published next month). Anyway, here are a few more shots I did in Ladakh.

After the rest of the group took off I was free to explore on my own. I took to the hills on a motorcycle for a few days then came back and stayed with my friend Vaibhav, who owns a rock climbing café (a small café with a bouldering area). On Sunday we went out to a boulder project he has been developing above the city of Leh. It’s a beautiful boulder, isolated by its size from the rocky landscape, located near a religious temple. The boulder promises a few short sport routes and several bouldering problems. Vaibhav is projecting this little beauty.

This is GraviT, Vaibhav’s cafe in Leh. If you ever go to Ladakh, you have to stop in here. It’s a great place for a banana shake.