Flying Through the Blue Skies

Yesterday my dad dropped me off in Cincinnati with all of my bags for heading back to India. I planned on staying with my good friends, Casey and Jeremiah, before flying out the next day. When Jeremiah came to pick me up he asked, “Why are there so many expensive cars in the parking lot here? Oh, I guess this is an expensive hobby.” He met me at Lunken Municipal Airport where my dad had dropped me before taking off again in his recently restored French trainer four-seater airplane. My dad has an expensive hobby.

I realized I’ve never taken very many photos of my dad or his planes, so I took this opportunity to document this flight. This plane is temporary, at least until he gets his RV-10 kit plane up and running. He has probably another 2 years work to put into it before its done.

My dad, the pilot.

Flying over Lake Monroe.

I would love to do a photo study on clouds as seen on their level.

The Skyline of Cincinnati in the distance.

The Final Approach.

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