Roommates and Couch Surfers

I really enjoyed living by myself, but I realized that there was an entire room getting almost no use so I opened my apartment up to a couple from New Zealand coming here to work for an NGO. Nigel and Alexandra (Alex) moved in in the middle of January. It’s been great having roommates (and people to look after the apartment while I’ve been traveling). My friend from college, Derek, has been staying with us since the first of February, leaving occasionally to travel. Nigel and Derek took off tonight for New Delhi, so I decided to continue my stated intent to photograph everyone who sleeps on my couch through Couch Surfing or other connections.

Derek is traveling around the world for a year. He’s blogging about his experience on a website called 1earthavenue, exploring the idea that we are all just neighbors with those across the earth.

The four of use shared tight quarters for the last month. Luckily all of us survived.