Broken Equipment, Blessings from Canon

The last few nights I’ve been filming a short film in my apartment, just experimenting with lighting and angles. I am excited to finish editing and see what it looks like all together. I am enjoying this venture into video and the learning process that comes along with it. Monday night I had my camera all set up for a shot and was doing some test runs before I did the actual shot. On my camera, 5DMarkII, you have press the “Set” button at the center of the scroll wheel to start and stop, as well as preview the video. I was previewing the last test before doing the actual shot and when I pressed in the button, it never came out. I tried tapping it, using gravity, finding something to suction it out – nothing worked. I called CanonUSA and they said I needed to send it in for repairs. If I were in the US, it would fully be covered under warranty, but Canon India doesn’t have to honor my warranty.

I am only two train stops away from the Canon India Master Service Center, so yesterday I set out with a list of errands to do on my way: Buy bus tickets, pay internet bill, get pictures printed, etc. I was an hour and half into the errands and walking toward the station when I remembered…I didn’t put my camera in my bag. I HATE when that happens. I had to walk back to the bus station, run after the bus I needed (everyone stares at the white guy sprinting down the road after the big red bus), run to my apartment and grab the camera, and run back to the bus stop to try and catch the bus on its return trip. By this point I am hot and sweaty. Running needlessly in Mumbai is not recommended.

The Customer Care Representative recognizes me immediately when I walk in the door. I have met him too many times before. He calls me over and asks, “What is it this time?” Well, I have a present for you. He takes the camera into the repair shop and asks me to wait to see if they can just pop the button back out. After a bit he calls me in to show me moisture inside the body. Apparently its not as water tight as it claims to be (I’ve had it in the rain several times). “It might need some repairs, it will take 3-4 days.” Buh, I need the camera, but I have my 20D back up, so its standable. I’m packing up my stuff to leave and he comes bounding out…”The button just popped back out, we’re putting it back together and will have it out in a second. I’m just going to charge you inspection fees.” Awesome! Instead of $50 mandatory maintenance fee they charge me $4.25 inspection fee. I am thankful for this man helping me out. I do feel like having past working relationship with him before helped though.

The Dharavi slum school pictures were post-poned last friday and have not been rescheduled yet. I will post the update after they occur.