Things are happening here in Mumbai along with the very unseasonal rains (people say they have never seen rain in November, and it is forecast to continue into next week!). I spent last weekend in Hyderabad visiting some friends and attending a wedding. I will just say that I am glad that I am not an Indian and will not have to endure my own Indian wedding. Not for me…

I am finishing up my visual journal from my trip with my friend Stephen around the state of Gujarat. There were some great adventures and some exciting photo opportunities.

Today I did some volunteer work for an NGO. My photographs of school children and teachers will be used in a calendar to sell to corporates to raise money for the NGO. It was fun and frustrating working with the children. Should be some good results. I played around with using my ring flash as a defused key light, which worked out very nicely with great prospects for future use. There should be some more work for the calendar in the next couple of weeks.

I am working with a friend who is an actor, doing some headshots and personality photos, as well as working on a stop-action project he is directing.

I have also stepped into the shoes of a graphic designer, working on a logo and design for a clothing company start up that has a focus on helping rescue women from the sex-slave trade in India and train them in skills so they can earn a living. I am excited to be involved in the project and hope to see it come to reality. I hopefully will have more information on that in coming months.

My broken photo equipment should be fully repaired and returned to me within another week, so I can go out and start doing some more portfolio work in nearby high-end hotels. Once I am happy with the work I have I will start presenting to architecture and interior design magazines.

I am excited to be doing work again. Not doing purposeful work for almost 4 and half months was draining on me. I will have photo updates soon! Cheers!