I live in India. I have my US cell phone here, but I don’t use it and I have had it off basically since I’ve been here except to find some friends’ phone numbers. The other day a friend in the US asked for another friend’s number – as it turns out, I don’t have his number – so I turn on the phone. I have a new voicemail. I pull up skype and check my messages remotely so I don’t incur the $2.50 per minute charge for calling from India on my cell phone.

“Hello Scott, this is David from Focus Fine Art Photography Magazine. Can you give me a call at ___________?”

After several unsuccessful attempts to get a hold of each other I finally connect with David.

“I’m looking at one of the series you have in your personal work, the one of the red head and the plant.(Its a series of my friend Kami Baergen) I am the editor for the magazine and I know my readers. They will be interested in this work.”

Alright, I’m super excited.

“I would like you to buy an add in our magazine featuring this series.”

Less excited.

“We’re having a sale right now on 4 page spreads, they are normally $6,000, but for this issue they will be $3,000, plus you get two free one page ads in the next two issues.”

Wooo thats a lot of money right now. He gave me the option of a 2page spread which is more likely and half as much. But despite this ‘salesman’ trying to sell me ad space, it would be crazy good exposure. Two full pages featuring my work, seen by galleries and art collectors across the nation. I wrote to friends and mentors and most advised me to proceed, but with caution. It would be a good move, if not only for the exposure, but also if I sell anything or get any job because of this, it is worth it.

The image.

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