India, day 1

I arrived. Thankfully my friends graciously waited at the airport for over an hour for me. After some 25+ hours in transit was with friends and excited to get settled. I still don’t think my mind has caught up with my body. I’m still unsure of what to think of everything. Even today when walking around the streets outside the apartment it was hard to think that this is real. Any way, here are some quick snaps of the apartment and some design stuff I captured in the New Delhi airport while I waited with my little canon G10 point and shoot.

All 200+ pounds of luggage. Its one heck of a haul to carry that by one’s self.

My overstuffed luggage. Can’t tell but my 20″ iMac is burried in there. Friggin heavy.

My room. Already is a mess. (I’ll clean it, I promise, once I get some hangers)

The high heat drier.

The dining room.

The huge kitchen.

The bathroom with a western toilet.

And the shower parked up next to it.

The view from the balcony.