A Study of Movement with Abby Chan

When I reached out to the social InstaFacedIn to recommend active people in Flagstaff, Arizona for me to shoot lifestyle with multiple people sent over Abby Chan’s name. She’s one of those inspiring people that is good at everything. She owns Evolve Flagstaff, is a yoga, dance and aerialist instructor, mountain biker, and rock climber. She agreed to meet up on New Year’s Eve, and the weather was brisk but beautiful. Abby knew she could get access to Hotel Monte Vista’s roof, and I wanted to save that till closer to sunset, so we started in the downtown area where there is a lot of awesome mural art.

But the roof beckoned and I didn’t want to miss the light. Huge props to Abby for withstanding the cold.

Her beauty and grace in movement was awesome to watch. Thank you for being an incredible model!