Last Stop: New York City

My final stop on my month long trip to Southeast Asia was to see friends in New York City. Somehow, even after living in Boulder for 4 years, I feel like I almost have more friends in NYC than anywhere else. It’s always great to visit (though, for the first time, it really made me quite sure I never wanted to live there).


My good friend and photographer, Luis Carducci

I stayed with my best friend from college, Melissa, and her husband Jeremiah, who also studied photography at my university, Indiana Wesleyan University. He’s a fashion photographer in the city and it’s always inspiring to see his work (check it out. Jeremiah Wilson). It’s also entertaining to watch him skateboard in style.

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Jeremiah just bought a new Hasselblad 50C 50mp back that attaches to his antique Hasselblad body. So we went on a photo walk around Astoria.

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After a month of travel, I was excited to be back in Boulder. I love that live in a place I’m excited to return to. Wouldn’t have it any other way.